On August 20, 2001 a group of public and private interests met to chart a new comprehensive strategy designed to advance Walla Walla Valley's long sought after goal of four-laning U.S. Highway 12 from Burbank, Washington to Walla Walla, Washington. As a result of this meeting, the U.S. Highway 12 Coalition was formed.

The Coalition's first action was to retain the services of Ball Janik to work with our congressional delegation as critical transportation authorization and appropriation bills make there way through congress. In addition, Ball Janik coordinates coalition member visitations to Washington, DC to meet with congressional members and key congressional committee staff.

The coalition also made a commitment to develop comprehensive marketing materials to articulate the safety and economic development justification for four-laning U.S. Highway 12. This website is a product of the coalition's marketing efforts. Below in chronological order, is a description of some of the coalition's efforts and accomplishments.

Milestone - June 24, 2009

Major Milestone

Federal budget includes a $2.66 million appropriation for phase 7-A environmental documentation and design.
Senator Murray